Quick and Easy Homemade Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

Before Halloween arrives, kids (and many adults) put a lot of thought into putting together the perfect Halloween costume, complete with mask or face paint, wigs, and accessories. The thought of the trick or treat bag usually comes second.

Here are some tips for making a quick and easy homemade Halloween trick or treat bag that is sure to be a hit.
* Sew up a simple trick or treat bad by using some Halloween-themed fabric. You can whip one up in no time with a sewing machine, or they can easily be sewn by hand if you don't have one.
* Find a plain, solid-colored canvas tote bag to dress up. You can decorate it to your liking by sewing or gluing on embellishments, or by using fabric paint.
* A plain brown paper shopping bag, or an inexpensive gift bag can be decorated simply with markers, crayons, paint or more elaborately with embellishments and glue. Trace a Halloween coloring page onto the bag and let your children paint or color the picture.

* Try a bucket instead of a bag. Look in the toy aisle at the store for a beach or sand box bucket. They are very easy to embellish.
* Match up your trick or treat bag and your Halloween costume. This applies not only to color, but also to the theme of the bag. If it's to go with a witch costume, for example, you could make a black cat face on it, a broom, a full moon, etc...
* To add a nice spooky touch and increase safety when trick or treating, add some glow in the dark accents. Some options include fabric paint, foam decals and stickers.
Here are 4 Halloween trick or treat bag ideas to help you get you started:

* Jack-o-lantern bag -
1 orange gift bag
Black construction paper
Cut three triangles out of black construction paper for the eyes and nose, and cut out a smiling mouth. Glue them on for a quick and whimsical trick or treat tote.

* Princess bag -
1 Pink gift bag or canvas tote bag
Stick-on or glue on gems
Glitter glue
Satin ribbon
For girls who are getting all dolled up for Halloween, a bag fit for royalty is in order. You can make one in short order by putting stick-on gems (or using a Bedazzler) on a pink canvas tote bag. Add glitter glue for accents. Use satin ribbon to make some pretty bows to stitch on.

* Spider web fabric bag -
Halloween themed spiderweb fabric
Needle and Thread
Glow in the dark paint
Glow in the dark spiders
Find some fabric with a spider web pattern to use to sew a tote bag. Paint over the web pattern with glow in the dark fabric paint, and embellish with plastic glow in the dark spiders.

* Monster bag -

Plain grocery bag or gift bag
Construction paper
Wiggley eyes
Paint or markers
Decorate a plain grocery or gift bag to look like Frankenstein, Dracula, or another favorite villain. Use construction paper, markers, googly eyes, and whatever else strikes your fancy.

All it takes is a little imagination and a few supplies to make a homemade Halloween trick or treating bag that your children (or you yourself) will love!

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