Useful Tips to Keep Halloween Fun, Easy and Safe for Toddlers

Toddlers can bring a certain element of innocence into the mix when celebrating Halloween. With a toddler, trick or treating or parties can become tiring, so it may not be possible for you to go out like you normally would. Toddlers can be naive and get scared very easily so safety is always an issue with them.

With that in mind, you can still enjoy Halloween with these tips to keep your toddler safe and happy. 

*  Avoid Scary Costumes 

Children and especially toddlers can be prone to night frights. Many toddlers find it difficult, if not impossible, to separate reality from the "monsters" that they may see walking around. When dressing up, go easy on the make-up and keep the costume simple so that your child knows that it is you behind the costume.

*  Trick or Treating House to House with Your Toddler

Try to keep the trip short and just visit a few houses on your block. Visit the homes of your friends and family if possible as your child will be more at ease with them than with a stranger's house. Keep it short and simple so that your toddler does not lose interest or panic because of the costumes. 

*  Hold A Party At Home 

This is a great way to keep it simple and still enjoy the holiday with your toddler. By hosting the party at your house instead of going to someone else's means that you can keep the party toddler friendly. Invite people you know that have toddlers who also want to enjoy a festive, yet mellow Halloween party. 

*  Protecting Your Toddlers From Candy Overload 

Most toddlers do not realize that some candies can be to hard for them to chew or can pose a potential chocking hazard. Therefore, it can become quite the challenge to keep the candy bowl away from your child. Make sure that older children and adults know not to give your child candy without asking you first and to keep the candy bowl is out of reach at all times. If at all possible, try to stay near your child just in case. 

To sum it up:

*  Safety is an important role in making Halloween fun for toddlers. 

*  Realize that some toddlers are not able to separate reality from make believe, so  the costumes that others are wearing may  cause your child to panic. 

*  If you choose to take toddlers trick or treating, try to keep is short. 

*  Keep your toddler at ease by trick or treating at the houses of friends and family. 

*  Enjoy the holiday by hosting a party are your house. 

*  Always make sure that the Halloween candy bowl is out of your toddlers reach. 

Using these tips can insure that you are not only protecting your child, but that they are able to join in on the Halloween fun as well. 


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